Sex Tips After Delivery


If you are concerned about your sex life after having a baby here are some top tips to help you introduce it back into your relationship. It might take a little longer for you to attain orgasm for which your partner needs to last longer in the bed. This issue can be solved by consuming Malegra DXT.

Wait Six Weeks Before Resuming Vaginal Intercourse

As a guideline, the majority of healthcare professionals will recommend that you wait at least six full weeks before having sex post-birth. There are two reasons for this, the possible need for healing of the vaginal, perineal, and abdominal tissue, and also the risk of uterine infection.

Wait Until You Are Emotionally Ready

Aside from being physically ready, it is important to make sure that you are emotionally ready. There is no set time for when you should feel ready to have sex again, you just have to listen to your body and wait until it feels right for you.

Use Contraception Even If You Have Not Yet Had A Period

The most important thing to know is that you can be fertile before the return of your period. This is because ovulation happens before menstrual bleeding. It is therefore important to make sure you use contraception should you not want to get pregnant.

Try Out Different Positions

When you first have sex postpartum, it is a good idea to test out different positions to reduce pressure in certain areas. There is no right or wrong position as everyone heals in different ways, but try various positions until you find one that is most comfortable and pleasurable for you. While trying a new position, ask your partner to consume Malegra DXT.

Consider Wearing A Supportive Bra

Breasts can still be swollen and tender in the months after birth, particularly if breastfeeding. Also, it is common for milk to leak from the breasts during orgasm. To help with these issues it could be a good idea to wear a supportive bra during sex.



Steamy Sex In The Shower


Giving Head

Women love to go for a hot shower after good masturbation. But to be frank, it also feels great for your man. All you need to do is adjust the temperature of the water to your desired level. After he is way from a tiring day office. Take him straight to the shower, slowly undress him and direct the showerhead to the underside of his penile. in case if his penile is not erect even after getting aroused ask him to consume Malegra 50.

Share Shower Time

Make sure both of you get equal opportunities to stand under the shower and get wet. Do not let just one person stand under the shower just because the water feels so warm and good. Get this wrong and one partner will end up feeling more cold and uncomfortable than the other.

Best Positions

When it is about sex in the water there are no best positions. Whichever is more comfortable for you, just go with it. It all depends upon your flexibility, height, the type of the bathroom and its space and so on. The best position which people generally opt for while having shower sex standing facing each other with female partner’s leg raised to allow easy entry of the penile and greater penetration or the female partner facing away and bent slightly at the waist. Shower sex is slightly difficult, for this there is mandatory need of a hard and erect penile that can be achieved with the help of Malegra 120.

Get A Grip

Positioning yourself for shower sex can be a bit difficult, especially when you have less space and wet tiles adding to the difficulties. Always make sure you have got a firm footing, and always remember to keep any slippery objects like soap bars and body washes away from your feet.




All Men Need To Know To Last Longer Beneath The Sheets


Mind the Gap

Studies suggest that on average, males enjoy around 3 minutes of penetrative sex before orgasm. Females, on the other hand, take anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes to climax. Men, if they are facing any issues to last longer in bed then they can take the help of Filagra Oral Jelly Banana Flavour.

Start, Stop, And Then Repeat

Them requires a lot of practice when one has to restrain physical response. Initially, that means some one-on-one time between him and his manhood. By and large, masturbation is a quick affair, with just one quick and clear goal and that is release.

That is where the start and the stop method is known as edging comes in. Self-explanatory enough, it involves applying the brakes right before ejaculation, then waiting 15 seconds before starting up again.

Kegels For The Rescue

Pelvic exercises, those repeated flexing of pelvic floor muscles to develop control and sensation, are not just for the ladies – men can do Kegel exercises too. There is no need for any gym membership, the honing of this key group promises guys all kinds of benefits, from tackling urinary incontinence through to, you guessed it, better command of his manhood during intercourse.

Men to delay their orgasm, can try stopping their urine in the mid and then again start it.  The sensations you feel will help you last longer in bed.

Find Time for Foreplay

For many men, the most common motivation behind wanting to last longer between the sheets is their partner’s climax. Whilst certainly admirable, to put matters into perspective only an estimated 30% of women climax through penetration alone. In short, you have got to keep your foreplay game tight. In the case of impotence is not letting you last longer in bed then take the help of Filagra Oral Jelly Banana Flavour.

Your Ultimate Guide To A Fine Hand Job


Handjobs are of the most underrated thing. At the same time, they are something many people without penile worry about getting right. It is definitely worth asking your penile-having partner what they like in a Hand Job – what speed, pressure and motion work for them. It is also good for arousal in case your partner has arousal issues due to impotence. Treat impotence with Filagra Strong.

Flat Palms

Both hands should start at the collarbone, down the chest and stomach, then along either side of his penile, and out along his inner thighs could be good. Caressing his inner thighs away from the top down toward his knees or, even better, starting at the inner thigh above the knees, up toward his balls, then ending with fingertips or light fingernails along his scrotum. Mix it all up!


One need not worry while it comes to stroking you can do it and guess what it does not even hurt. If there is one thing you need to remember is that do not bend or bite the penile, because then that could be very hurtful.


When it is anything related to sex, all you need is Variety. You can try with different types of strokes and touching them in different forms.

Rhythm Is Crucial

You can increase your speed up or slow down as a tease, but somewhere you need to stay consistent. And work the whole junk area, it is a massage

Slow down and touch more softly. If you are stroking his shaft with a strong grip, you will make him come. You can speak about it while you are doing it, and this is fun. When he is properly aroused, he can make ever-lasting love and even if it is getting difficult to ask him to consume Filagra Strong.

Take the help of some lube and be careful. Do not try to make him come early. Let him take his time.

Erectile Dysfunction And Your Partner – Fildena Double

Erectile Dysfunction can take a toll on your relationship.  When your partner is suffering from ED, no doubt he wants your support but along with taking care of him, you need to take care of yourself too. The following are the things you should do when your partner is suffering from this sexual disorder.

Update Yourself About ED

The more you know, the better you will be able to help your partner with this disorder. Learn as much as you can from the available sources. You can ask him to do a little lifestyle change and tell him about the medicines like Fildena Double that will help him treat this condition.

Tell Him Know You Value Him

Just because he is suffering from this condition, tell him it does not make his value and respect anything less in your eyes. You love and value him the way you used to. Remind him that ED is not a reflection of his masculinity.

Stay Positive

Talk about how you feel and how you want it to get treated. Tell him this is a very normal condition through which a number of men suffer and it can be treated. There are medicines like Fildena Double which has proved effective in treating such condition. Let him know that this is just a bad phase and you both will go through it.

Keep Your Relationship Alive

Though sex is a major part of any relationship, it is not the only part. There are many other things you can do to let the spark remain. Try foreplay and oral sex. And do not underestimate the power of deep kissing.

Visit The Doctor

Always remember, ED is not completely curable but it can be treated with proper medication. Visit the doctor and let him know about their exact medical condition. Even if he decides to go alone, insist on going along with him.


Common Sexual Fantasies – P Force


Fantasies are very common in fact it is a sign of healthy personal sexual life. many experts are of the opinion that people and especially women should take active interest in fantasizing. This does nothing except making you feel good and letting you know what exactly would tick you off. What are your pleasure points, and what gives you the ultimate satisfaction?


This is the most common fantasy most the people come across. Fantasies such as getting involved with 2 partners. Or watching your partner making love to someone else or vice-versa, or to have a sexual experience with whatever gender you usually don’t hook up with. While making these fantasies come true, make sure you take the consent all everybody involved. Men you need to take care of any sort of penile failure taking place, consume P Force to treat it.

Outdoor Sex

Our mind mostly thinks about all the activities we are not allowed to do. One such activity is having outdoor sex. Outdoor sex is illegal, it can be disrupting too many.  If till you want to fulfill your fantasy then you can try at your own risk or to be safe, carry it out in the backyard of your house. Talking about fantasies, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this idea. It brings so much of thrill and excitement no doubt it is one of the most common fantasies.

Sensual Encounters

Fantasies about random sensual encounters are very common. You might come across a woman at a shopping mall and would get attracted to her at first sight. By the end of the day you might end up having sexual fantasies about her. This can also happen with same gender.

Whether during fantasy or while actually performing it, do not tell it to get spoilt by any kind of sexual disorder. Consume P force 30 minutes before the act.


Best Sex Tips Ever – Tadalista


tadalista-10-250x250 (1)


We all have heard about sex, and we even keep hearing about new ideas and innovations this field has. This is the only area where curiosity never ends.

Be In Touch

Here the literal meaning is to keep touching each other or have some sort of physical contact all through the day. Do not let touching just be limited up to sex and the only place to touch each other in the bedroom. Keep giving each other even outside the bedroom, while helping in the kitchen or cleaning the house and a sweet goodbye hug and kiss never hurt anybody.


Masturbation not only increases your own pleasure but after helps in making sex better with your partner as you know what your body likes and brings you the ultimate pleasure. At times it does happen that even after knowing your female partner’s desires males are not able to fulfill it due to sexual disorder like impotence. Consumption of Tadalista is going to ease your sex life.


Enough with the stigma that lube is for dried-up older women. You’re not winning extra points by not using it and having sex that could be so much more glide and enjoyable for both partners. Start with a dime-sized amount, put it on you and your partner’s genitals, and reapply as needed.

Do What You Want To Receive Back

Give a demo of what you like during this good deed. This will give them an idea of what brings you pleasure. If you the one receiving it, count that as a hint. At times due to conditions like impotence men are not able to satisfy their partner. Men suffering from impotence need to consume Tadalista to keep such issues at the bay.

Oral Sex

It has many benefits like, it makes your female partner experience explored pleasure points, you might even the ultimate orgasm.

Ways To Seduce Your Man



Want to get his attention and keep it? It’ll not only heat up your night, but it can strengthen your relationship, too. You might also end up getting the love from him that you never received. One thing that may refrain him from making love to you even if he desperately wants than that is impotence. Do not let penile failure come in your way, ask him to consume Kamagra after consulting with the doctor.

Being Some Spice In The Bedroom

While he is at work, hit the sex toy shop, and bring home some goodies to excite your night. Playing with sex toys in front of them will turn them on instantly. 


Sex texting is a concept basically for the one who finds it a bit difficult to express their feelings to their partner. Sex texting, especially helps women to convey what they want and are expecting tonight from their partner.

Be Half Dressed

He would love to see you partially dressed as soon as he is back from work. It will also increase his excitement. Being half-naked will leave him with a lot of excitement.

Show Him What You Like

Here you need to make the use of your fingers and hands. Touch all the parts you would want to be touched by him. Making moaning sounds will just add up to the heat. This is a guide for him where he needs to concentrate. 

Tell About Your Wild Imagination

Ask him to try the new sex position you saw or read somewhere. This will make your lovemaking session interesting. Telling him about your fantasies will help him to know what is going in your mind so that he can act accordingly. In case you want to have a long-lasting intercourse session and he is concerned about his penile not supporting him then ask him to consume Kamagra before the sexual activity starts.